Live web-casting

Real time streaming is an extremely powerful and convenient way of communicating. Be it expanding business, displaying your work or ensuring that your friends and family across the globe know what you are up to, Live webcast comes in handy. Reach to a larger audience with a fraction of the cost.

What is live streaming?

In laymen's terms, it is broadcasting a video and/or audio stream through the internet, live. It is also called video streaming or webcasting.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

The biggest benefit is that you can reach more people. For training employees or sub-contractors, everyone can receive the same training and information at the same time – which also ensures consistency. The server that hosts the streaming can be set up so that people watching from other states can write in questions and receive live answers. For a product launch, media and other constituents will all get to see the release at the same time.

What services should iPOT live provide?

iPOT Technologies can help you with every step of live streaming – from the video production itself through the streaming service, including pay-per-stream, dual screen streaming, and tracking hits. On the production end, depending on the size of your event, you may need one camera with one operator, or you may need multiple cameras, lights, sound mixing, and live switching between cameras and PowerPoint to output to the stream.

We provide Live webcasting solutions for...

Music Concerts
Stage Shows
Conferences / Celebrities
Seminars / Meeting
Product Launch / Press Meets
College Cultural
Parties, etc.