Corporate SMS Solution

Just imagine if your customer receives an SMS with your company or brand name as the sender ID? And no need to go to any other websites to send SMS, since you have the facility on your own website? Yes, we offer customized web SMS solution which enables you to send SMS in bulk or individuals or to any particular groups with your company or brand name as the sender ID.

There is no doubt that SMS is the best and fast reaching communication tool of our age. It is also considered as an effective marketing and customer relation management tool. POT Technologies offers customized web SMS solution, which can help every business that tries to get as close as it can to its customers. The aim is to keep the customers updated regularly regarding the Company news, product or service updates, and relevant information about their accounts or to send them notifications for important events. POT Technologies can help you in achieving your goal, since mobile phones are very common today and SMS offers an intriguing solution. SMS are delivered in a matter of seconds and customers are far more likely to receive and read SMS. When you use POT Technologies for SMS, you are sure that your customers aware about the latest Products/Services/Happenings of your business.

Reason to choose Short Message Service (SMS)

Cost – Significantly cheaper than other media
Interactivity – Possible to engage the parents in dialogue
Proximity – Always people carry their mobile in pocket
Digital – A medium allowing for deep campaign analysis
High reach – over 160 million mobile subscribers in India
Personal – Communication for an individual
Viral - People forward SMS to others